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Frequently Asked Questions
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(please send your questions to info@cosmicmasstriangle.org)

What should I wear?
Be yourself. Dress comfortably for movement. Wear layers. We will heat up and cool down. Feel free to be barefoot or wear comfortable shoes. On another note, feel absolutely free to wear something beautiful and celebratory if you’d like. Paint your face. This is a Cosmic and Earthy celebration of life!

What if I don’t/can’t dance?
You don’t have to. However, if you’re shy, there’s no better opportunity than this event to jump into something that’s out of your comfort zone with a supportive and loving group. There will be chairs around the outside for sitting. We do encourage participation as fully as you are willing.

Can I bring my children? Is the content appropriate?
Absolutely. Be aware that this is a sacred ritual that will be facilitating deep and nourishing work for many people. Please keep your children with you throughout the event and focused on the event. Running around and excessive talking is not appropriate. Be aware too that we will be journeying into a deep and dark grieving period that will involve crying and wailing and perhaps images and sounds that all may be disturbing for a young child who is not accustomed to the associated emotions.

I am worried about the grieving time. Can you tell me more?
During the Via Negativa (1/4 of the  Mass), we will facillitate and encourage a grieving time for the group to delve into their personal and collective sorrow, hurt, and pain. Crying, moaning, wailing, twitching, and erratic movement are absolutely natural and appropriate ways of being with the emotions of grief. While this is a very neccessary part of life and while it can be very comforting to grieve with others, it may be a new experience for you and may bring up a lot of intense emotions. You are absolutely free to leave the room or sit at a distance from the event. We will also have a few “sitters” who will be available for basic emotional support like sitting with you, holding your hand, debriefing with you, etc.

Is this event wheelchair accessible?
Yes. click here 

Is this a Christian event? What faiths are represented?
No. This is not a Christian event; however, Cosmic Masses did emerge from the rich bed of Christian traditions (as well as others). And of course, Christians are welcome–as are people of any faith or non-faith background. Each Mass will be different, featuring readings and poetry from many traditions, so we encourage you to refer to the descriptions of the current event and to be open to new experiences. There’s nothing you have to believe here.